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5 9Round Moves You Can Take on the Road

29 Jul 2018

We understand that life is busy (hello, 30-minute workouts!) and though we're quickly taking over the world, we also know that life doesn’t always take place within a convenient distance of a 9Round. Whether you travel for business, are on family vacation, or you’re spending most of your weekends traveling with the kids sports teams, your fitness routine doesn’t have to suffer.

We’ve put together five 9Round moves that you can take with you on the road and execute from the comfort of your hotel, at the ball field, or even the roadside rest area. Check out the moves below and make sure that you follow 9Round on Facebook for more fitness tips and DIY moves like these.


1. Crab Punches

2. Lunge Kicks

3. Push Up, Tricep Dip Combo


4. Punch 5 Times, Switch Stance

5. V-Sit & Twist to Punch


Get your fitness on any time, any place by doing each of these moves for one minute. Repeat the circuit three times for a quick 15 minute workout. If you’re feeling really 9Round STRONG, double the duration for a full 30-minute sweat-fest!