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10 Mar 2018 | Jen Jones | Health & Fitness

New Season, More Reasons to Spring into Fitness

It’s been more than three months since you made those New Year’s Resolutions – how’s it going? If your answer falls somewhere between slightly off track and a complete train wreck, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the overwhelming majority. By this time of year, 9...

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3 Mar 2018 | Anna Lynch | Health & Fitness

Wear, Wash, Replace: Taking Care of Your Gym Gear

Whether you’re sweating it out three times a week, or seven, it’s important to know how often you should clean and/or replace your workout gear. Some items are important for your health and safety, others are just a courtesy to the people who work out around you. Without further ado, let’s...

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23 Feb 2018 | Jen Jones | Health & Fitness

Making ME-Time a Priority

They say that parenthood is the scariest hood you’ll ever go through, and I tend to agree. When’s the last time you went to the bathroom alone? If you’ve used dry shampoo for at least three days in a row, and you also haven’t changed your shirt in that period of time, you’re...

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16 Feb 2018 | Jen Jones | Health & Fitness

Your Heart Health is in Your Hands - Start Punching

February is National Heart Month and, according to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. The world we live in today makes it more difficult than ever to create an active lifestyle. Sedentary jobs have increased by more than 80 percent since 1950, and our average work...

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9 Feb 2018 | Jen Jones | Health & Fitness

The Best Bar for Healthy Eating

Okay, we admit, the title of this blog may have been a little misleading. We are not, in fact, going to tell you which roadside watering hole or local dive has the best options for healthy eating (but stay tuned for a future blog on that topic.) Today, we’re giving you the skinny on choosing a...

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26 Jan 2018 | Jen Jones | Health & Fitness

When 30 Minutes Is Enough

You know that exercise has so many benefits for your mind and body, but do you really have to spend hours slogging it out at the gym? In short, NO. You’ve heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder,” right? Apply that to exercise and you can achieve all the benefits of hours spent...

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19 Jan 2018 | Jen Jones | Health & Fitness

Resolve, Recover, Rebound: Inspiration For Your Perspiration

Statistics show that by mid-January, ninety five percent (yes, 95!!) of people who made a new year's resolution have given up on them. Why is that? The answer is complex, so we're going to let Tony Robbins explain to you the human nature of goal setting and the steps needed to...

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12 Jan 2018 | Heather Hudson | Health & Fitness

But First, Pre-Workout!

Commonly Asked Questions About Pre-Workout Supplements What is it? Pre-workout (PW) is simply a supplement that you take prior to a workout to enhance your ability during the activity.   How Does It Work? Most PW formulas have the caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee. Caffeine can often...

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31 Dec 2017 | Jen Jones | Health & Fitness

New Year, Unstoppable You

If possession is nine tenths of the law, then attitude is nine tenths of the battle when it comes to tackling your New Year’s resolutions – and anything else life throws your way! If you want to be UNSTOPPABLE, a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s in the gym, in your place of work,...

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15 Dec 2017 | Jen Jones | Health & Fitness

Get Moving on Your Resolutions: A Friendly Kick-in-the-Pants

Whether you’re working on your fitness as part of your New Year’s resolutions, or just because you want to be healthier, you’re doing the right thing. It is important to include a fitness routine in our daily lives; however, many people have trouble finding the motivation to get up...

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