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Count Points – Not Calories

8 Apr 2019

Let’s be real, how many times have you started a workout with the goal of burning a certain number of calories? If we’re being honest, it can be a common goal for a lot of us. We constantly hear about them on tv and we see a ton of “low calorie” snacks at grocery stores, so naturally we assume our focus should be on that number. We’re here to tell you that’s fitness mistake number one – it’s not always about how many calories you burn, but about how you burn them! Here are some better things to focus on during your workout:


First, let’s talk heart rate zones and why they’re important to keep in mind. You have a max heart rate that depends on your age and gender and this number can be used to calculate which heart rates you’ll be burning the most fat. Working out in the ideal zone for you means that you can be sure you’re working hard enough without over-working. As a 9Round member, you’ll receive a PULSE® belt to monitor your heart rate zone the entire time you’re in the club. When wearing this belt in our clubs, you’ll earn PULSE® points according to the amount of time you’re in each zone, and the goal is to achieve at least 60 points during a your workout. By paying attention to the zone you’re in, you’ll be able to tell when you can push yourself harder or if you need to take a breather.


The popular saying, “it’s about quality, not quantity” even applies at 9Round. Would you rather have a high-quality, full-body workout in thirty minutes or spend hours at the gym trying to burn the same number of calories? Upping the intensity of your workout cuts down on your time working out, giving you extra free time in your day! Counting calories makes things complicated, and when you’re only focusing on hitting a calorie goal, you might forget important things to keep in mind, like maintaining the best posture and technique. That’s why we encourage the 9Round Nation to count their points, not calories. Skip the math so you can get your workout started!


Our trainers are part of your support system, so don’t forget to rely on them! They always keep an eye out for the monitor that displays everyone’s heart rate zones, and if your zone is lower than usual, you might notice them encouraging you and pushing you a little harder. If they notice your heart rate is maxing out, they might suggest doing a low intensity exercise until your heart rate lowers. Suggesting an alternative exercise during a round means you’re able to lower your heart rate back into the optimal range to get the best results for your body. Having trainers around helps members keep getting the most out of a workout, and they’re a great resource if you have questions about an exercise.


If you’re competitive like us, then you love a good challenge. Working out with a friend can make you more motivated to give it your all, but we want you to keep in mind that it’s not fair (or accurate) to compare your progress to your friends’. People of different ages, genders, and sizes can’t really compare workouts based on how many calories they burn, because everyone burns them at different speeds! With, PULSE® Points we’ve leveled the playing field. PULSE® points are displayed along with everyone’s heart rate zones, so you can rest easy knowing you’re competing in the safest and most accurate way possible.

It's time that we consider the “calorie burning” mindset myth-busted! Now you can start getting the most out of your workouts that you possibly can (and do it in a safe way). And remember, it’s not a competition, but if you want to keep score, aim for those PULSE® Points!