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Every Day is Women’s Day at 9Round

8 Mar 2019

Every year on March 8 the world comes together to support, inspire and motivate the strong women of our society for International Women’s Day.

As much as I love that there is a whole day dedicated to celebrating kicka$$ women everywhere, what this day really reminds me of is how grateful I am that my organization empowers women not only today, but every day.

While our 9Round commitment is to make all people “stronger in 30 minutes, both physically and mentally,” I will admit I have a soft spot in my heart for women, because I know from personal experience how positively impactful kickboxing can be on our self-esteem.

As a woman, kickboxing changed my life

I was recently interviewed by Sharon Lechter as a guest on the “Play Big Movement” podcast (you can watch a video recording of that full interview HERE). Sharon kicked off our interview by asking me how kickboxing became so influential in my life, which is one of my favorite topics of conversation, because it is so much more personal than just wanting to get in shape.

Since I was a young girl, I have led an active lifestyle. Exercise was always a priority, but the only benefit it really gave me for so many years was staying fit.

It was not until I tried martial arts and kickboxing that I felt something new and exciting as a result of fitness: Empowerment. I found that with every punch and every kick, I felt stronger not only physically, but mentally. Following a toxic divorce, during a time in my life when I felt more vulnerable than ever, this empowerment was just what I needed to turn around my outlook on life.

As I’ve continued martial arts and kickboxing over the years, my confidence has only improved. As a female leader in the fitness industry, which was once primarily male-dominated, I owe the successes I’ve experienced to the mental strength I’ve gained through kickboxing.

Strong women are confident women

When I speak to other women in the 9Round family, I learn that my story is one that so many others can relate to. As young girls, we were less likely to grow up “roughhousing” the ways boys did. So, when a workout like kickboxing gives us the opportunity to punch and kick and exert all of the strength we have on tangible objects, it is a liberating feeling. We realize how much we are physically capable of, and it improves our confidence outside of the studio.

Who runs [9Round]? GIRLS.

Given the impact kickboxing has on the self-esteem of women everywhere, it comes as no surprise that women are a big factor behind the success of 9Round.

Across the majority of our locations, nearly 70 percent of members are women. About half of our franchisee network is female. And five out of nine of the members of our corporate leadership team are women.

So, on this day, here’s a 9Round twist on a classic quote we all know and love:

“Here’s to strong women: May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them,”

… and may we work out alongside them.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Written by: Heather Hudson