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Tips for Healthy Tailgating

7 Oct 2018

It’s football season, and whether you spend Saturdays cheering on your Alma Mater or Sundays rooting for the pros (or both), game time could be taking a toll on your waistline. Regardless of how you spend your game days, be it tailgating outside the stadium, hosting friends at home, or watching from your favorite sports bar, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up to win this football season (even if your team doesn't.)


Eat a Good Breakfast
A good breakfast gives you a solid foundation for all of your game day activities. Not only are you fueling your body for the big day ahead, but you’re preventing a tailgate tailspin (what happens when you show up hungry and eat every chip, dip, and wing in sight.) Get up early enough to enjoy a healthy, protein packed breakfast, like these pumpkin pie protein pancakes.


Get Physical
Look at it as a preemptive strike against those extra calories or indulgences that are almost guaranteed to work their way into your game day diet. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the beauty of a 30-minute workout is that you can almost always make time in your day for it. But, if you’re traveling or can’t make it to your local 9Round, try parking further away from the stadium and get in a good walk or grab a football and show off your skills with a game of catch.


Pace Yourself
And we’re not talking about that walk to the stadium. As always, we suggest avoiding alcohol all together if you’re very serious about your fitness goals and maintaining a strict eating regimen. However, we also understand that life is meant to be lived and having a drink or two is part of the game day experience for some people. If you chose to partake, choose small servings of vodka or gin with water or other low-calorie mixers, or super light beers (think, Michelob Ultra.) And be sure to drink at least one 16-ounce glass of water for each alcoholic beverage that you consume.


Make Your Own (Pot)Luck    
Don’t leave it to chance, and hope that there will be healthy food choices at the gathering. Be the hometown hero that shows up with some delicious, guilt-free football fare. If you’re grilling out, bring some high-quality, low-fat proteins like healthy chicken “wings” or shrimp skewers. Fresh veggie trays are great for snacking all day and everyone will be a fan of this healthy ranch dip. And if you can’t call it a tailgate without a little heat, spice up your pre-game spread with cauliflower buffalo bites.


Just as your team wouldn’t show up for the game without being prepared, neither should you. Having a game plan will go a long way toward making your game day a success. Although we can’t promise your team will bring home the W, you’ll be winning all season long when you follow these tips for healthy tailgating.