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About the team

  • April  Kong
    April Kong
    Fitness is in our girl April’s blood! From powerlifting competitions to HIIT workouts and kickboxing she's always in search of a new challenge to push herself both physically and mentally. April's ethos when it comes to helping members achieve their goals: Patience. Support. Team Work. Never give up on yourself. If you fall, you get up and you move forward. That makes YOU a better YOU!
  • Din  Tahir
    Din Tahir
    I’m an optimistic guy. I try first with 100% effort and an open mind before using a critical eye. I am an advocate towards holistic health and fitness and on a never ending search for balance. Fitness has been my life for 12 evolving years now, and I have been learning and growing alongside it. My interest and curiosity has driven me in multiple directions, picking up a variety of qualifications and invaluable experience in training and coaching. I like to sing, dance, hike, cycle, skate-board, box, and do a range of exercises. My history: Overweight - lost weight - body building - boxing - Muay thai - obstacle course races. Passion fuels my energy. Let’s Go!