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About the team

  • Din  Tahir
    Din Tahir
    I’m an optimistic guy. I try first with 100% effort and an open mind before using a critical eye. I am an advocate towards holistic health and fitness and on a never ending search for balance. Fitness has been my life for 12 evolving years now, and I have been learning and growing alongside it. My interest and curiosity has driven me in multiple directions, picking up a variety of qualifications and invaluable experience in training and coaching. I like to sing, dance, hike, cycle, skate-board, box, and do a range of exercises. My history: Overweight - lost weight - body building - boxing - Muay thai - obstacle course races. Passion fuels my energy. Let’s Go!
  • Dickson  Sim
    Dickson Sim
    I remember being a young kid watching Power Rangers, Ultraman and WWE and loved watching the fights. At 13 I took up Judo and carried that all the way through secondary schol but when I was 15, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) started to become more popular so I decided to join an MMA Gym. From this I then began doing Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’ve competed in National Sanda tournaments, Amateur Boxing and MMA matches and still continue to do so. After my 2 years NS and working as Security Office job that required 12 hour night shifts, long periods of sitting and staring at a CCTV camera coupled with eating instant noodles and junk food, I realised this was not the lifestyle I wanted for myself. I hope that as a Trainer at 9Round Orchard, I can share my skills, knowledge and experiences of Boxing and Kickboxing with people trying get into shape and help people strive for the fit and healthy lifestyle that I’m always working towards!
  • Ian  .
    Ian .
    Simple guy with a passion for boxing and teaching, so I added the two passions together and started coaching. My boxing journey started at 17, coaching at 21, now at the age of 23, I have around 7 years of experience and I’m still improving on it. My goal here is to help anyone who steps into the gym, to improve on their skills and fitness.