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9Round Becomes the Official Worldwide Fitness Partner for Karate Combat

#9RoundNation, we’re thrilled to announce a momentous collaboration with Karate Combat as their new Official Worldwide Fitness Partner.

Karate Combat, renowned as the pinnacle of full-contact striking leagues, captivates audiences across more than 100 countries through online broadcasts with its exhilarating live-action events. This partnership finds its roots in shared values and a mutual passion for martial arts and fitness, making it a seamless fit for our brand.

Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, our fearless founder and CEO, expressed his excitement, stating, "9Round is thrilled to announce its role as Karate Combat’s Official Worldwide Fitness Partner. We find our inspiration in empowering individuals globally through invigorating fitness experiences. This strategic alliance magnifies our testament to fitness and wellbeing, transcending boundaries and crafting a legacy of strength, perseverance, and global unity.”

As a visual testament to this alliance, our signature logo will soon grace the heart of Karate Combat's fighting pit and the glamour of its red-carpet events. This marks the beginning of an empowering journey, one where fitness and martial arts converge to create a narrative of empowerment and shared purpose.

The upcoming initiatives supported by this partnership are teeming with excitement, as we’ll be co-producing and co-distributing an array of engaging content to satisfy both our 9Rounders and the fervent fans of Karate Combat. We can’t wait to reveal more about this exciting endeavor soon—so stay tuned on our social media channels to be the first to know about all the exciting details!

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